Don Julio Foods - Our Delicious History

In 1994, with two decades of experience in the food industry as a broker and salesman, Craig Fisher created Don Julio Foods. He began with a name and line of core products — chips, tortillas, and dip — that have become a staple in grocery stores across the Intermountain West. Drawing on his experience running the Little Pancho division of Clover Club Foods (a brand he would later purchase to compliment his thriving Don Julio product line), Fisher eventually decided it wasn’t enough to own the brand and sell the products, he wanted to make his own.

In 2002 Fisher and his son Nate, vice president of Don Julio at the time, located and began operating a tortilla manufacturing plant in Clearfield, Utah, just minutes from away from where Fisher had learned the food business as a young salesman and entrepreneur.

Press-lines now run three shifts a day, churning out fresh Southwest tortillas, which are delivered daily to local stores around the greater Utah area.

Soon after beginning to produce their own product, Don Julio acquired Clover Club Foods, a company where Fisher cut his teeth in the food business back in the ‘80s. Widely regarded as the little company started by a woman in her kitchen in 1938, Clover Club had grown into a national brand, and Fisher wanted to bring that brand back home to Utah where it all started.

Nate Fisher now oversees the day-to-day operations of Don Julio and it’s other brands as they explore ways to branch out into new markets, continue to provide the best, freshest Mexican food, and maintain the reputation they’ve earned in the industry.

They’ve added brands to their label, expanded operations, hired more employees, but never lost sight of what has made them successful — hard work, a good product, and an honest promise of quality for an unbeatable price.

Clover Club History

Back in 1938, Hod and Clover Sanders were a talented young couple, eager to start their own business. They lived in the quiet country town of Kaysville, Utah, about 17 miles north of Salt Lake City. They noticed that almost everyone in the area had some kind of cooking specialty, such as homemade chili sauce, apple pie, or chokecherry jelly. For Clover, the specialty was potato chips. So, that same year, the Sanders founded the potato chip company that still proudly bears Clover’s name.

With a little help from the local bank, the Sanders were able to purchase their first batch of potatoes and a cooker. Clover supervised production, just as she did in her own kitchen. It was Hod’s job to buy the potatoes and sell the chips to local stores. Back then the company’s “delivery fleet” consisted of one used truck acquired in trade for Clover’s prized piano.

The secret to Clover Club’s superior quality is the same today as it was in those early years — we care. We’re still a hometown company, and we want to provide you with the finest potato chips in the world — just as we’ve been doing for 70 years.